The Pass X WORN – The Ultimate Pairing

The Pass X WORN Experiment

Peanut butter and jelly. Wine and Cheese. Sonny and Cher. Socks and Cannabis. There are just those pairings out there that will be linked for all eternity. Our team fiercely deliberated about which pairing to intensively study and experiment with and we came away with the decision to tackle socks and cannabis, considering The Pass is a cannabis company and all. The first thing we set out to do was team up with a high performance, small footprint sock company to accompany us in this watershed experiment. Luckily for us, WORN sock company was down in the name of science. Through intense research, studies, and background checks on each of our participants, we settled on a study that would shake the scientific community to its core. The experiment: pair types of cannabis with corresponding types of socks to see how they benefit each other. Let’s get into the nitty gritty. 


Indica X Ultra Soft Sundays, Everyday Enhanced: Crew, and T3 Ankle Sock: Sparrow

The impetus behind this portion of the experiment was the seemingly universal idea that when you’re smoking indica cannabis, you’re wanting to hunker down, take the edge off, get as cozy as possible. They call it in-da-couch for a reason. Being the diligent researchers they are, WORN had the perfect pairing for this desired experience – their Ultra Soft Sundays, Everyday Enhanced Crew, and T3 Ankle: Sparrow socks. A match made in heaven. 

Our first participant, Matt C., was given a complex, yet important task, one that required a lot of skill and precision, but would teach us a lot in its results: get high and watch TV with comfy socks. Between watching Batman, the Celtics game, and Top Chef, our participant was given three different socks to wear, each serving their own purpose and personalized experience. For the Celtics game our participant had a long, tiresome day, so when he threw on those Everyday Enhanced crew socks, sparked up some Midnight Mariner strain cannabis, and put the game on, he was able to ease all the tension away that came with the day, the socks cushioning his tired feet and the indica joint allowing him to wind down. The T3 ankle sock experiment was nearly railroaded by an unforeseen hot night (the sock’s greatest enemy), yet our participant still found them to be the perfect companion when he threw his slides on to go smoke and lounge around the house – what a save by the ankle socks. But the real winner of the experiment had to be the Ultra Soft Sunday socks. A cool night, an indica joint, and these socks all worked together to create an unforgettable body high that made him stay out on his walk with the dog far longer than usual, simply at peace. 

Indica X Ultra Soft Sundays, Everyday Enhanced, and T3 Ankle Socks results: Success. 


Sativa X T3 Ankle Socks and T3 Rugby: Miss Match Socks 

Enough of all that indica talk, it’s sativa’s time to shine. Speaking of shine, our next participant, Liam G., tested out the effects of Blue Dream cannabis and T3 Rugby: Miss Match socks during a hike on a beautiful day full of sunshine. After throwing the socks on along with some Birkenstocks, our participant limbered up by moving and grooving to some music – moving to the rhythm of love, one might say. Then it was off to the sticks, to head on a rather impressive hike with friends. He claimed that the socks were incredibly comfortable before he smoked, but were only elevated when he did in fact get high, claiming his feet had never been that comfortable during a hike. He remarked, “I love wearing these socks while I smoke now because they feel like clouds wrapped around my feet. Usually when I notice my feet it’s when they hurt, so it’s a nice change to notice them in a positive way.” Very insightful participant #2325, very insightful indeed. 

However, it wasn’t just the hike that was elevated for this participant, it was also an improvement on everyday life. Wearing the socks to work and then coming home to smoke a J, he may as well have forgotten he had worked at all, with solace in his shoes and in his mind. All in all, this participant found that while he wasn’t necessarily more productive in completing his tasks with this combo, he was certainly more likely to jump into new activities that he wasn’t as excited for previously. 

Sativa X T3 Ankle Socks and T3 Rugby: Miss Match socks results: Success


Hybrid X T3 Ankle Socks and T3 Rugby Socks 

ALERT ALERT ALERT. Before we proceed we must inform you this participant is a fan of socks and flip flops. If the very thought of this sends you into a spiral, you may not want to read any further. Madi M. was tasked with consuming hybrid cannabis and like our last participant, decided to go for a hike AND some post hike yoga. As far as Madi M. is concerned, the socks and joint she smoked really made this a more enjoyable hike and yoga experience. After smoking a Holy Grail strain joint, she said, “My foot feels like it’s getting a hug but can still breathe.” Not only was her hike heightened, but so was her yoga. Kicking her shoes off and sliding into a mellow high really allowed this participant to flow during her yoga session. Everything seemed straightforward and going to plan. But then this participant delivered some shocking news that was sure to cause controversy. Why don’t I just let her speak for herself. “Flip flops and socks are my favorite combo!!! And I love socks/crocs.” Flip flops and socks – immoral sin, or transcendent comfort? You be the judge. 

Hybrid X T3 Ankle and T3 Rugby socks results: Awaiting public discourse concerning socks and flip flops. 



Infused Gummies X Hunt & Heavy Terrain Socks and Enhanced Boot Socks

Our last part of this experiment may have been the most controversial, but it bore fruitful results. We first asked this participant, Lesley O., about her feelings toward socks and flip flops and her response was not in favor, pointing to the fact that the socks have to tuck in to the flip flop. So that was out the window. Instead, she hunkered down and worked on some home chores, taking a gummy and slapping on her Enhanced Boot socks to get a boat load of yard work done. The gummy allowed this participant to focus on the work ahead, yet ease the stress of a busy day, and the socks seemed to only support that feeling for her. Not only did she like the way the socks looked with the sneakers she was wearing, but they didn’t slip or bunch once during this process. And perhaps more importantly, in an act of impending horror unbeknownst to her, a rogue saw she was using to cut tree limbs took a most unfortunate turn, hitting her in the ankle. Luckily for this participant, the WORN socks she had on were durable and reliable enough to ensure there wasn’t even a scratch on her, allowing her to enjoy her productive high while finishing a full day’s worth of yard work.

Infused Gummies X Hunt & Heavy Terrain and Enhanced Boot socks results: Life saving success. 



After intensive studies and experimentation, we here at The Pass can confidently confirm that WORN socks and The Pass cannabis can in fact make an unbeatable combination that can improve your resolve, relaxation, and focus in your daily life. In all seriousness, it’s the little things in life that can make even bad things seem like they’re not so bad. Never underestimate what a high quality pair of socks and a joint can do for your everyday happiness. Take that, peanut butter and jelly. 

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