Staff Picks! Steve Seddon – August Picks

Uh oh, Staff Picks is back again this month! This time we have Production Inventory Manager Steve Seddon! Away from work he likes to swim and kayak with his loved ones and at work he’s always trying to cheer people up and make someone’s day better in any way he can. Steve is a beam of bright light wherever he goes. When he was asked what he would want to be best in the world at, he responded, “Cheering people up because life is hard and you never know when someone might need that interaction that makes them smile or laugh.” Everyone needs someone like Steve on their team!

As far as his cannabis preference is concerned, Steve says he seeks out products that are going to elevate his mood and help alleviate his anxiety, but it’s not all about the effects for him – terpene profiles also take a big roll in his decision making. Steve seeks out myrcene and limonene terps in his products, giving him that citrusy/fruity taste in whatever product he’s partaking in. Narrowing down his preferences is part of the reason Steve thinks it’s important to put some thought into where your cannabis is coming from, saying, “If you’re conscious of where you’re getting it, and are doing it legally, you get to explore the profiles and terpenes. It allows you to hone in on what experience you want.” It becomes clearer everyday that Steve has learned to competently balance the scale of cannabis enthusiast and cannabis professional allowing him to elevate both sides of the equation. If you relate to Steve’s cannabis inclinations at all, take a gander at his Staff Picks!

Staff Picks:

  • Orange Cake Wax
  • Lilac Diesel Flower 
  • Sun-Up Gummies

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