Staff Picks! Selina Salzmann – August Picks

New month, new staff picks! The first of the month goes to Selina Salzmann, one of our virtuosos in Inventory Support. When Selina isn’t at work she’s probably off shredding on the guitar or bass, but at work, she’s always down to business. Selina actually looks forward to a full day’s worth of tasks that the team has to catch up on, allowing her and the team to work like a well oiled machine to keep The Pass products flowing. 

Selina loves cannabis for its versatility. She sees it as an incredibly unique plant that has helped her with anxiety. While it doesn’t really matter what type of cannabis it is, you will see her reaching for the indica more times than not, for its soothing effects that allow her to drop everything and simply relax. As far as flavor profiles are concerned, herbal and botanical flavors allow her to really take in and examine the strain, as they break away from the more typical skunky and citrus profiles. 

She also believes that it’s important to be conscious of where you get your cannabis from. When asked about why it’s important she said, “For the sake of the smoke! It’s more fulfilling to consume something that you know the background of simply for the sake of comparing that background to the experience you have with the product.” Cannabis is an incredibly diverse plant, so if you’re able to find the characteristics of the plant and how it was grown that best match with your desired experience, you can meet your cannabis needs so much easier. If you relate to Selina’s outlook on cannabis, take note of her picks, because you might like them just as much! 

Selina’s Picks:

  • Captain’s Cake pre-rolls 
  • Cherry Gummies


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