Staff Picks! Anthony Bain-Alves – October Picks

Kicking off the month of many harvests we have Cultivation Supervisor Anthony Bain-Alves! Anthony has been working his tail off in cultivation and is now in the vital position of caring for our mother plants! 

Outside of work, Anthony made it clear that his time is spent on one thing: “Music, music, and more music. If there was one thing I could choose in this life that I was brought here for, it would be music. I’ve been writing and recording long before cannabis was ever introduced into my life.” 

We’ve seen a trend of Pass employees with a strong connection to music. The ties between music and cannabis are not a coincidence. Each provides an opportunity to dress down, to reconnect with something intangible that brings a joy that is often difficult to explain. Anthony’s connection seems to be a deep love of the art of music; his greatest worry is having music relegated to background noise at social gatherings. But… back to THE PLANTS!

Anthony’s fascination with cannabis plants lies in their diversity. With all the different varieties being bred and experimented with, there’s a seemingly endless number of outcomes for the final product and the way they are grown. He believes growing the plant yourself puts you in touch with the finished product, and you know exactly what you’re going to consume. 

Personally, he’s a fan of anything high in limonene, pinene, and humulene terps that provide citrusy or earthy flavors with a hint of spicy when burned. For the experience, he’s looking for an almost psychedelic, clear, and energetic high. With all this in mind, Anthony’s favorite Pass strain is Flo, saying, “She looks, tastes, and smells great, and she has a very clear and euphoric experience attached to her, which is what I look for.” 

Being around for the complete life cycle of the cannabis plant gives Anthony insightful knowledge of the plants he is growing. On a macro level, he is aware of the industry and wishes it was more accessible to those who don’t have the large amount of capital needed to create a cannabis business. He is hopeful that some of the harsher cannabis regulations will ease up, which would allow a truer organic grow to become viable. All of this would provide new avenues for the industry to flower – and give people the opportunity to gain equity (no matter how small). More variety, in general, will allow this plant to flourish to its full potential. 

When it comes down to it, landing in the cannabis industry seems meant to be for Anthony: “I just love weed! It has been one of the most positive and consistent parts of my life so it only felt natural to work with it.” 


Anthony’s Picks:

  • Flo Flower
  • WiFi Sunset Flower
  • Any Pass Disposable

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