Staff Picks! John Cayea – September Picks

Two  Staff Picks blog posts in one month? Who do we think we are, BuzzFeed? For the second installment this month, we have none other than Extractions Manager John Cayea. John is an extractions machine working with a great team of equally passionate people. 

His favorite part of the day is when he realizes he’s, “Working with people that have the same goal and passion that you have, allowing us to create the best products possible.” 

It’s not just work where John has found happiness. Away from the job he’s a friends-and-family man, hiking trails, playing guitar, basketball, or video games with his dogs nearby, and ultimately trying to be, “The best version of myself to help the people around me live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.” 

When it comes to the cannabis game, John is a sativa guy through and through, making him gravitate toward anything that makes him feel uplifted and focused. But it’s not just the type of high he’s seeking. John has a palate geared toward humulene, myrcene, linalool, and pinene strains, which produce a gassy, skunky aroma and taste. 

Working in the industry has taught John that it’s important people have tested, proven options made by those who actually care. Otherwise, the trust is lost between buyer and producer. When the trust goes, the negative stigma cannabis carries takes two giant steps back – something John thinks about often. “I think the industry is constantly evolving and changing. I would like to change the bad perceptions and stigma that the cannabis industry still has, and that comes with educating the public over time,” he adds.

All in all, John has learned a tremendous amount in the cannabis industry. Trends in the market, ethicality throughout the production process, personal terpene preferences, and most importantly, how to share his bomb extracts with the world. 

Check out John’s Staff Picks below! 

  • Purple Haze Dispo
  • Lucky Charms Flower
  • Sun-Up Gummies

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