A Year 2 Retrospective

State of The (Union) Pass

The Pass turns 2! Time during a global pandemic, for both people and businesses, can make a minute feel like a millennium, like touching a hot stove or slowly sinking in a big mess of mud. Needless to say, 2 years ago feels like a lifetime to us, and we are so grateful for what The Pass has become and the support we have gotten from the community. 

The Pass opened its doors July 2020 in the midst of the first year of the pandemic, creating 40 jobs throughout our cultivation, retail, and production facilities. The Pass is now on track to surpass 100 employees through the end of the year! In addition to our expanding team, over the past 2 years we have also expanded our cultivation operations to include 98,000 square feet of cannabis canopy, spread across indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor facilities. We have also opened a new 40,000 square foot processing and packaging facility!

Perhaps most exciting for our customers is that The Pass has increased our menu size by over 60% this year, bringing us to nearly 200 unique offerings. Among these are some very exciting collaborations, like our exclusive partnership with the popular California-based vape company dompen, and our newest collab with Howl’s Tinctures on our Summertime Tincture using The Pass Flo Flower. 

This past year’s goal has been to provide our customers with such a wide range of cannabis products, that there is something for every person who walks through the door, from beginners to connoisseurs alike. And just because we are proud of the work behind us doesn’t mean we aren’t focused on all the work ahead! We at The Pass will never stop striving to create the best, most accessible, and sustainable products we can. 

We can’t wait to share another year with you! Check out our birthday surprises, only available this Sunday, July 17th. To celebrate and to say thanks for your support, we have brand new pricing on certain popular products here at The Pass. Let’s go!

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